About Jagged Journey

Thanks so much for giving me some of your precious time. I can’t tell you how much that truly makes my day. My name is Rebecca Rine, and I’m a writer living in Dayton, Ohio with my two kids 〈age 9 and 6〉, their stepdad, and our two very stinky dogs.

I write for Dayton Daily News, do social commentary on public radio, and I self-published a memoir years ago called “Sunbathing in a Body Cast.” That was back in the day when my last name was Rine-Stone 〈but that’s a whole other story…〉 I’m currently writing a divorce-survival guide called “Face Your Divorce Poo.”

My work has been published in several literary journals at colleges and online sites like positivelypositive.com, millennialmoneyman.com, thewritelife.com, and fatherly.com.

Most of my writing is focused on aging, parenting, marriage, spirituality, social observations, and living simply. The mantra of my site is “Face the Poo” because I firmly believe life is most rewarding when we lean into the hard, awkward stuff and invite it to the table rather than run from it.

I created Jagged Journey out of my deep love of writing and connecting to people. I’ve had struggles like dealing with hip dysplasia 〈3 body casts and a hip replacement by the time I was 40〉, a failed first marriage and just loads of obstacles to trip me up along the way, just like you have. We have a choice in life to let those waves knock us totally over and keep us down, or we stand up when the wave has passed, pull out our wedgie and take a step forward.

That’s a choice I try to make every day, and the mission of my site is to help you do the same. I usually publish posts to the blog every Tuesday and Thursday or so, so please subscribe to see if my words resonate with you. I’m a candid, humorous 〈I think〉, and real writer, and the biggest feedback I get from readers is that I say things they want to say but didn’t know how.

So let’s face the hard stuff together. The divorce, the sickness, the failed attempts at risks we took–it’s all good stuff to lead to the next discovery. Please send me your articles. I want this to be an online journal of sharing real experiences and insight.

Thanks for stopping by. Don’t stay too long–you’ve got stuff to do, and there’s nothing more boring than sitting at a computer!