Write for Jagged Journey

Share Your Imperfect Words

The internet is full of sites that want only established writers, cranking out shocking headlines to grab our fruit-fly-sized attention spans. Here’s the deal: I want real stories about real people here. You can be a parent typing in a closet or a famous published writer and your stories are equally as important. Your nonfiction essay can be as short or as long as you like.

I want articles that speak to this site’s mantra of offering insights from an imperfect life. Please email me and in the subject line put “Jagged Journey Submission” and paste your article into the body of the email. Please also write a quick blurb about who you are along with any website or social media you’re on.

Take a look at the categories to see if your article speaks to any of them. True stories are what I need, and if we can avoid negativity, pessimism and self-loathing, that would be so wonderful. Raw honesty spiced with vulnerability and connection is the recipe to follow. If you’re not sure if your words would be a good fit for this site, feel free to email me and ask. Contact: Rebecca@jaggedjourney.com