Motivational Speaking

Looking for ways to light a fire within your team?

One thing I love doing is motivational speaking. I don’t approach it as a guru or expert on a podium. I approach it from a place of honesty, vulnerability and fun. I recently spoke at a retreat for nurses and created exercises to help them take a step away from caring for others and look at what helps feed their souls.

In these photos they have barf bins —I told you we have fun— and they are verbally “barfing” up the things they know that are imperfect about themselves that sometimes gets in their way of being strong team members.

My presentations are always full of energy and tools participants can look back on to utilize throughout the year. Contact me to let me know what you’re looking for. I will tell you this–my fee for motivational speaking is a steal compared to others, and you don’t get the same canned presentation. I always craft my talks to the group’s goals and focus. I mean, I wouldn’t have accountants barfing into barf bins, right? Well, maybe I would.

Topics I typically cover include: Work/Life Balance, Setting Goals, Communication Skills, Being a Vulnerable Leader, and Owning Who You Are. All good stuff, but if you want something different, I can do that, except if it’s like how to bake a cake with joy and giggles. I got nothin’ there.

Contact me, and we’ll see if I’m the right “match” to light some fires in you and your team: